A Chef’s Dream Kitchen

Chef's Dream Kitchen Barn On the Pond   Hudson Valley provides so many wonderful farm stands, food purveyors and shops to purchase delicious locally cultivated ingredients. When you stay with us, venture out and explore all that the Hudson Valley has to offer.  Bring your bounty home, and prepare your meal in our fabulous chef's dream kitchen.  Fully equipped and stocked, you'll find absolutely everything you need to cook for your entire party in style. A few of our favorite local food and farm spots:
  • Sunfrost Farms
  • Woodstock Meats
  • Sunflower Market
  • Cub Market
  • Cheese Louise
  • Bella Pasta
  • Hookline Fish Company
  • Mother Earth Storehouse
  • Woodstock Wine & Liquor

Time for a Road Trip

Hudson Valley Upstate Road Trip The adventure begins the minute you put the last bag in the car and escape the city to find a quieter pace. The ride up the Palisades, the leaves bloom greener and the fresh cut grass permeates your sense of smell.  As you continue your journey, the tension dulls, and the excitement to explore the unknown brings a smile to your face. What will you do this weekend? Hike? a little Yoga? a tasty culinary experience ? or perhaps a trip to KTD to meditate and find yourself. Each mile you drive takes you closer to paradise.  The weekend was spontaneous, the plans unknown but everything will be taken care of for you when you arrive at Barn on the Pond. You're here. You can relax.  Your vacation has just begun.