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Meet My Mom and ‘Partner’, the Extraordinary Patricia Lubben Bassett

Patricia Lubben Bassett, World Traveler and My Fabulous Mom
Patricia Lubben Bassett, My Fabulous Mom & 'Silent' Partner at Barn on the Pond
My mother Patricia Lubben Bassett was a world traveler and luxury travel consultant in Dallas for years.  She was a dynamic lady with a sense of adventure and an appreciation for different cultures.  Pat's joie de vivre was felt by all who were lucky enough to meet her. With her notable style and taste, she instilled in me an appreciation of different cultures.  Because of my wanderlust upbringing, I too have a passion for travel and continue to endeavor to see the world.   My parents made it a point to educate us about different places, by taking us around the world from a very early age.
My parents loved to take us to mountainous New Mexico towns like Santa Fe and Taos.  This is where I found an appreciation for the wooded nature lifestyle.  One that really stands out is a small ski town Ruidoso, which reminds me of Belleayre Mountain. The trees, the trails, the lakes and nature of our childhood travels remind me so much of the landscapes around Barn on the Pond.
Pat was a jet setter.  She loved to travel the world, and collected beautiful objects on her journeys.  You can find many of her global finds around Barn on the Pond. A love of living life to the fullest is one of the wonderful qualities I believe I inherited from my mother.  She taught me to get out and experience life.  My love of the Catskills and inspiration to open Barn on the Pond can be credited to her strong influence on me.  Like her, I love getting out of the city to try new things.  Growing up with my mom, she showed me a world beyond our doors.   I often refer to mom as my 'partner' here at Barn on the Pond. There was no hostess better than Pat.  Throughout her life, she organized extravagant theme parties for fundraising, non-profit, charitable causes and fun with friends.   When I was a cadet in military boarding school, she loved to host my school friends on the weekends.  Our house became a respite from military school life.  She became their surrogate mother.  My parents often let us build bonfires and camp out in the backyard.  My friends considered her their mom away from mom, and our home was their home away from home. Pat was heavily involved in the arts, charity work and philanthropy until her untimely passing.  At Barn on the Pond, we continue her legacy by fostering creative and  out of the box thinkers, just as she did throughout her life.  You might notice the poster for the Patricia Lubben Bassett Art Education Wing at the Roswell Museum and Arts Center in New Mexico here at the barn.   This wing at the museum was named after her because she believed so strongly in arts education for young people.
Mom's love of travel, hosting, hospitality and great parties lives on here at Barn on the Pond.   When you stay with us, we want you to feel as though she's hosting you herself.   Well, she certainly is in spirit.  It gives me great pleasure to honor my mom in all we do.  I love you mom. Happy Mother's Day Pat!
Read more about Patricia Lubben Bassett on our history page.

Compass & Twine Spends a Couple of Nights in the Catskills

Get to know Compass + Twine:  Sarah + Lindsay are the journey-tellers behind Compass + Twine. Their passion for travel led them to become a go-to travel resource among colleagues, family, and friends. Compass + Twine focuses on sharing luxury travel experiences with their travel-minded followers in the United States and around the globe.  Last week, the ladies came to enjoy a few days in the Catskills as our guests.  They explored the area, had a fabulous hike up Overlook, made some of the best looking s'mores we've ever seen and enjoyed the barn and all of our amenities. Check out their blog where they talk all about their upstate NY adventure and their stay with us at Barn on the Pond.  Read the blog here: http://compassandtwine.com/barn-on-the-pond-saugerties-ny/

Sophocles Makes Winter So Cool

Our pal Sophie, travel blogger from New Zealand, came to spend a few days with us last week.  It may have been her first time experiencing some real winter temps, but she made vacationing in the colder days look so cool. Check out her UPSTATE NY GETAWAY | Barn On The Pond video here. A few pics from her blog and Instagram feed: Sophocles Blog at Barn on the Pond Sophocles Blog at Barn on the Pond Sophocles Blog at Barn on the Pond Sophocles Blog at Barn on the Pond Sophocles Blog at Barn on the Pond sophocles-on-the-pond  

Escape Brooklyn Spends a Holiday Weekend at Barn on the Pond

Over the summer, we had the pleasure of meeting Erin & Denny from Escape Brooklyn at Phoenicia Flea. When we told them about our property, they came up with the awesome idea to celebrate the holidays with friends here at Barn on the Pond. We loved their Weekenders write up on their blog, read it here. Discover your personalized retreat weekend possibilities, email us info@barnonthepond.com with your request.

Escape Brooklyn Holidays at Barn on the Pond

Escape Brooklyn Firepit

Escape Brooklyn Fire Pit Shack

Escape Brooklyn Hangtime

Escape Brooklyn Living Room Holidays

Escape Brooklyn Master Bedroom

Magical Full Moon over Barn on the Pond

This weekend, we got to enjoy an incredible end of summer night with the most amazing full moon lighting up the sky.  Chilling by the fire pit, we shared colorful stories, relished the quiet and bonded. Full Moon over the Barn Summer may almost be over, but for a night we lingered and savored every second.  Roasting marshmallows, breathing in the fresh air and oh how I love that campfire smell. Fire Pit at Barn On the Pond Some might say the memories you make on a summer night like this might last forever.  We would have to agree. Hudson Valley Fire Pit at Barn on the Pond What memories will you make here on  a magical full moon night of your own?   Incredible Fire Pit Moment Under the Full Moon