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Game of Ponds, Summer is Coming!

Game of Ponds Random Trailers presents a Pond production: GAME OF PONDS (Summer Is Coming). Randomly written and directed by Matteo Stanzani & Mirco Pasqualini. GOP_4 Cast: Gina Jessica Smith (the barefoot Sorceress) Isabella Pulcinelli (the uncombed Fairy) Mirco Pasqualini (the furry Dwarf / the King of Bonerland) Matteo Stanzani (the mad King of Beardoland) Marshmallow, Frida and Cappuccino (the dragons) Arthur (the dead squirrel) Unicorn (himself) GOP_29 GOP_6 Game of Ponds Watch the Game of Ponds trailer here: International release date: summer 2016. Maybe. American Humane Association - No animals and no dragons were harmed during the making of this film (the squirrel we found was already dead, and we buried it!) Random Trailers and its teamĀ thanks to Tripp for the location: Barn On The Pond, Saugerties, NYGOP_9   Game of Ponds