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Perfectly located in the heart of the picturesque Hudson Valley sits Barn on the Pond, a rustic yet uniquely elegant barn-style retreat surrounded by lush, verdant grounds and magnificent mountain views. Perched on approximately four acres of private property in the Upstate New York Catskill region, this hidden oasis of peace and tranquility marries the charm of the turn-of-the- century barn and pastoral landscape with modern luxuries and amenities. This one-of-a-kind residence and event space nestled between popular destinations, Saugerties and Woodstock, provides the discerning visitor with unparalleled delights and surprises. Whether staying for a meditative yoga retreat or a quaint country wedding, Barn on the Pond offers guests endless possibilities in rural entertainment and leisure.


The surrounding terrain bewitchingly transforms from season to season while Barn on the Pond overlooks a a fresh water pond, wildflower meadow, and fire pit – representing the four essential elements on which any solid and balanced foundation is based (water, earth, fire and of course, air). The transition from outdoors to indoors is nearly seamless with the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the home, creating an infinite view and feel of the terrain from most vantage points. The entire property is a treat for the five senses: the plush velvety texture of the chairs in the main room; the scent of fresh thyme planted between the rocks of the fire pit; the sound of the birds chirping and the rhythmic croaking of neighborhood frogs; the awe-inspiring vision of the glowing sun descending behind the mountains; and the tart burst of flavor of a chokeberry from the meadow. And in the midst of this symphony of the senses lies Barn on the Pond.


Behind its striking cherry red facade, lies a jewel of an interior, exuding personality and charm and meticulously designed for comfort, convenience, recreation and pleasure. Soaring wood beamed ceilings and cozy fireplaces instantly dazzle guests as they step into what feels like their very own home. They are greeted with a symphony of wood textures and inviting decorative touches as their eyes dance across the spacious living area, perfect for a gathering with friends. They can revel in the beauty of nature in the lovely solarium with an outdoor room above, outside on the spacious deck or from the abundant patio space. With 2 bedrooms, a loft and 2 baths, Barn on the Pond comfortably accommodates up to 11 guests as a vacation rental. The historic character of the barn is balanced by a state-of-the-art kitchen and other contemporary touches that provide the best in modernday living.


When guests decide to venture outside Barn on the Pond, an abundance of local attractions and entertainment in Saugerties and Woodstock awaits them. With so many art, dining, recreation, sport and shopping options at their fingertips, there is something enjoyable and exciting for every taste and every interest, including antiquing, golfing, horseback riding, skiing, fly fishing, and inner tubing.


Barn on the Pond is the ultimate year-round country destination, providing limitless options all on one beautiful property. From the fire pit to the fireplaces, the solarium to the outdoor floating bed, the wildflower meadow to the swimming pond, everything a guest could desire is offered at the incomparable Barn on the Pond.




More than 200 years ago, the original barn overlooked a 4,200 square foot pond. Livestock grazed, farmers harvested the land, and the pond functioned as a water source for the animals. The existing property was part of a large piece of land that was subdivided and sold in different sections over the years, which explains the stone walls and irregular layout of the plot’s 3.8 acreage. Two centuries later the barn was converted to a residence, but tragedy befell it when a gas tank was struck by lightning, causing an explosion that almost destroyed the home. The structural integrity was so seriously compromised that it had to be demolished, but some parts of the home were meticulously salvaged, reconstructed and still live on in several features throughout the barn.


The history of Barn on the Pond remains a large part of its present-day identity, which was a key objective of founder, Tripp Bassett. Recapturing the property’s historical character was the first priority in rebuilding the barn as a home. It was also important to keep as much of its original proportions and personality as possible by incorporating remnants from the old barn into the new one. Recycled wood gets a second life in such features as the home’s staircase and inlaid floor beams, the master bedroom’s wall and trim, and kitchen cabinets. Stone from the original property reappears in the stone wall flanking the wildflower meadow and in the fire pit.


The process of restoration continued beyond the barn’s repaired doors with the addition of strategically placed trees to the existing generations-old shade trees, as well as the expansion of the meadow, forest and surrounding vegetation. To accomplish this objective, Tripp enlisted the expertise of award-winning landscape architects, Terrain, a firm committed to creating ecologically sustainable landscapes that are just as beautiful to view as they are beneficial to the environment. The pond was reconstituted into a natural habitat and wetland intended as a haven and water source for neighborhood wildlife.


In addition to his strong commitment to environmental awareness and preservation, Tripp is passionate about Barn on the Pond’s impact beyond its property borders. As part of a close-knit, local community of artisans, artists, farmers, craftsmen/women, and neighbors, Barn on the Pond does not stand alone and apart. Rather, it seeks to enhance and stimulate the local economy by employing the services of talented area regional entrepreneurs and bringing tourism to the area. From featuring the products of a local cheesemaker at an special event to displaying an artist’s work inside the home, Barn on the Pond aims to maintain its commitment to being a responsible asset to the community.


The driving force at the heart of the project was Tripp’s late mother, Patricia Lubben Bassett, a pillar in the Roswell, NM community where he was raised. As a board member of the Roswell Museum of Art, and the founder of Roswell’s first Girl’s Club of America chapter, Patricia dedicated her time and resources to promoting art, culture and community – a legacy that lives on in Barn on the Pond. When she passed away an education facility was built in her honor: Patricia Lubben Bassett Art Education Center.

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